Mission Reflection: A Shared Story

Happy Friday everyone,

As we prepare for the weekend take a moment to read a missioner’s reflection about serving the poor and solidarity in Cochabamba, Bolivia.  Thank you to Franciscan Mission Service for sharing this story:

Franciscan Friday: Look At Our Reality From the Perspective of the Poor 

Recently I found myself in a small upper room in a Franciscan Spirituality Center in Tarata, a town about an hour drive outside of Cochabamba, Bolivia. I was sitting in a plastic chair in a circle of Franciscan volunteers from around the world, some from Germany, others from Brazil, and me from the United States.   We were listening to two Franciscan friars speak about the national reality in Bolivia, from their decades of experience of living and working closely with the people here.

And as we concluded our time together, one of the friars added this to the conversation:

“What is essential as a Franciscan is that every day you look at our reality from the perspective of the poor.”   I had to let that message sink in, and each time I revisit it, I have to let it sink in deeper.   He explained that as Franciscans, we are not here in Bolivia to be a ‘voice for the voiceless,’ that our work is not about us speaking for the poor, but about us working together with the poor to open spaces where they can speak for themselves and have their experiences and their needs heard.  Click here to read the full reflection.

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