Monday Mission Minute

The world is a busy place, even on the weekend. To help missioners and friends get up to speed on world events, we present USCMA’s “Monday Mission Minute,” a recap of mission and advocacy related news from the weekend. If you have some insights into the news or articles to share simply add your comment or email us.

In the United States:

Religious Leaders Press JP Morgan Chase to Reinvest in Virginia County Hit Hard by Foreclosures
Northern Virginia Religious leaders marched this morning to JP Morgan’s DC offices after the Bank refused to invest adequately in Prince William County, VA. The county was hard hit in the mortgage crisis, and the investment is needed to re-build the blighted communities. Click here to read more from the OMI Justice, Peace & Integrity of Creation Office.

News Around the World:

Meeting of Caritas on the humanitarian crisis in Mali
The meeting of the Steering Committee (COPIL) of Caritas, that have initiated a program of emergency aid to help people affected by the crisis in the north of Mali, begins today in Bamako. Click here to read more.

The Indian Church in aid of the victims of the “tsunami of the Himalayas”
New Delhi (Agenzia Fides) – Caritas India “joins the efforts of the government and other voluntary organizations in bringing solidarity and humanitarian aid to victims of the disasters that hit the people of the states of Uttaranchal and Himachal Pradesh”: says a statement issued by the Catholic organization and sent to Fides Agency in the aftermath of the floods that devastated the two states in northern India. Click here to learn more.

The Bishop emeritus and missionary who helps children in a Country where more than 2 million children live in poverty
Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Agenzia Fides) – The bishop emeritus of Palencia, Mgr. Nicolas Antonio Castellanos Franco, O.S.A., yesterday met the mayor of the Spanish city of Valladolid to thank him for the help of the municipality concerning his projects as a missionary in Bolivia. Click here to continue on to the full story.

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