Video Faces of Mission: Seeing with the Eyes of Your Heart

Faces of Mission is a bi-weekly blog series produced by the United States Catholic Mission Association highlighting our membership and all their work in and for mission. This week we delve into the archives to bring you a video from USCMA’s initial Faces of Mission series in 2011 with Rev. Arturo Aguilar, SSC. A Columban Father, Rev. Aguilar tells us: “Mission work has a lot to do with relationship. When you have a relationship, you have to listen to others. And the call of God is to listen with an open heart — in other words, to see with the eyes of your heart.”

Together with Ms. Amy Woolam-Echeverria (Columban International JPIC Coordinator), Rev. Aguilar will present a workshop/dialogue session at the 2014 USCMA Mission Conference called Imagining Jesus’ Justice: Exploring Mission as a Prophetic Response. The Gospel reminds us that we continue Jesus’ mission. This session will look at how we understand justice and respond as Catholic in today’s world.

The 2014 USCMA Conference, Gospel Justice: A Living Challenge for the Church in Mission, will focus on how, as Pope Francis describes it, mission and justice are mutually constitutive. It will be held in Alexandria, Virginia on October 24 – 26, 2014. For more information and to register, please visit the Conference website at Gospel Justice: A Living Challenge for the Church in Mission. We hope you will all be able to join us in October.


USCMA smallThe United States Catholic Mission Association (USCMA) is the only association of US Catholic mission-sending and mission-minded organizations and individuals. Dedicated to supporting and promoting the domestic and international mission efforts of the Church in the US, USCMA provides a forum in which people with a variety of experiences in mission can find a welcome, celebrate their faith, reflect on the signs of the times, foster leadership within mission organizations, explore emerging trends in mission, stimulate creative mission practices, and challenge one another to live lives more deeply rooted in mission spirituality.
USCMA is a membership-based organization. Our members are involved in establishing the direction of the association and supporting its life. To learn more about the United States Catholic Mission Association and to become a member, please visit us at our website Follow us on Facebook ( and Twitter (@USCMA_DC).

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The United States Catholic Mission Association unites and supports people committed to the cross-cultural and global mission of Jesus Christ in service to the Church and the world.
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